3 nov. 2009


[New York, year 2027. Andrés and Gabriel hang out in the coffee house] 

Andrés: Certainly I love NYC at this time of the year: the lights, the colors, the snow; it’s just gorgeous, don’t you think?

Gabriel: Sure… I suppose…

Andrés: Man, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so down? Cheer up!

Gabriel: What are you talking about? I’m fine… life is good, I have a beautiful wife, lovely children and business cannot be better.

Andrés: This is about your son, isn’t it?

Gabriel: For what I recall I have no son, only three beautiful daughters.

Andrés: Honestly, I think you have to let that go; so Jackson wants to dance ballet instead of going to college, I don’t see what the big deal is.

Gabriel: What the big deal is? All my life, I’ve been working so hard, building this landscape company with my own hand so my son will take over eventually, and now he wants to wear tights and dance like a sissy, and you still don’t know what the big deal is? Man! My life, my efforts all will be thrown away and lost. Do you have any idea what it means? Do you?

Andrés: Sorry bro, I guess things didn’t work out the way you wanted…

Gabriel: He has brought shame to me and our family.

Andrés: Shame to you? Get a grip please! And besides, how come you didn’t see that coming? I mean, he was always jumping and twirling around the house.

Gabriel: I thought he was gay or something, I would have perfectly understood that, but this… I don’t get it! We worked together for several years, side by side, we always got along great, and all of the sudden he dropped that bombshell. What did I do wrong? Please tell me! I need to know!

Andrés: Maybe that’s his raison d’être. 

Gabe: Je ne sais pas. But why if you perceived it before, why didn’t you tell me?

Andrés: I thought you knew as well.

Gabriel: I don’t care anymore. And I hope he gets ready to face up with reality for he’s not going to get a dime from me.

Andrés: In that case, he will hate you.

Gabriel: Well, so be it.

Andrés: C’mon, you don’t mean that. You should give him a break. It’s not the end of the world if your son doesn’t take over your company.

Gabriel: This is not about business. This is about my legacy – my legacy! How would you feel if you knew that all your hard-work will be gone some day?

Andrés: As a matter of fact, your business is bound to disappear eventually, just as everything else that exists in this universe.

Gabriel: don’t try to talk me into forgiving my son, I know your evil mind games.

Andrés: I don’t have to talk you into anything. And don’t worry I won’t confuse you with semantics. Because I know that you know that deep down, you care more about your son than your business, I know that everything you have said you said it because you are mad, but sooner or later you will accept the career that your son have chosen, no matter what, won’t you?

Gabriel: (stares at Andrés with anger) Damn you are right! Stupid sons, thinking on their own!

Andrés: And perhaps Rachel, your eldest daughter, might want to run your business.

Gabriel: Yeah right… a businesswoman, don’t make me laugh.

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