19 oct. 2009

United States and Canada

This is the first of a series of post in which I will write about the United States and Canada. This year I'm following a course about North-American history and culture and this post will actually count towards my final mark.

My relationship with the United States of America has been complicated yet quite fulfilling. As most people in today’s globalized world, my knowledge of the United States was vast before I even put a foot in the country. In my case, this contact was not only through the media and the cinema, yet throughout these years I got to know many citizens of the USA. Nowadays, I have many friends from several states which has allowed me to get to know a big deal about the people, culture, mindset, and their views about themselves and the rest of the world. This allowed me to familiarize with most of the hot and current issues that the USA has going trough during this decade from gun control to health care reform. I’ve been in the USA the last two summers which has allowed me to expand even further my knowledge of this culture.

That being said, I must stress that I have great expectations with this class. My goals are to systematize and expand the knowledge that I already have, so I will be able to have an even deeper understand this country. Certainly, there are big gaps which I hope with this class I will be able to fill. I have special interest to learn more about the history of minorities in the USA, especially about Amerindians and African Americans. There are two key issues in the USA that I’d like to learn more and analyze in detail are the American Civil War and the African Americans Civil Rights.

Also, I have a few friends from Canada, but I must admit that I have very little knowledge of this land, so I am very eager to learn more about it. I have chosen this medium simply because I have been blogging for almost five years and I’m really comfortable using the hypertext. I hope you will enjoy it, and I'll be very glad to hear everyone's comments/feedbacks.

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