15 oct. 2006

Mi cuarto

Cientos de discos carentes de nombre o etiqueta, papeles sueltos con apuntes que no se si son de este año o del instituto, libros de mi hermana combinados con los manuales de lingüística, mi libreta del banco perdida, por no hablar de los cajones de mi escritorio o armario que contienen de todo menos lo que yo estoy buscando en el momento que lo busco. Muchos DVD, discos, libros y artilugios interesantes mezclados con mucha basura que no necesito. Este es mi cuarto, y si ordenarlo es una empresa descomunal no quiero ni pensar lo complicado que será ordenar la vida.

A veces siento que mi cabeza se encuentra en ese mismo estado. Mucho desorden en las ideas o planes que a veces me impide saber con certeza los caminos que he de tomar. Y aunque los caminos se hacen al andar, como decía Machado, hay que tener orden en el cabeza para poder ver bien los caminos. Por otro lado muchos grandes genios solían ser muy desordenados, vestían mal, no les preocupaba su cuarto, ni sus casas, en verdad se preocupaban de muy pocas cosas, aparte de sus oficios.

Ojala fuera un genio, así se me perdonaría el ser desordenado. Mientras no lo sea, me he propuesto ser más ordenado. Sé que parece una de esas promesas como las de “este año dejo el tabaco” pero si comienzo a notar falta de constancia, me propondré ser una persona constante. ¿Por qué será que los buenos hábitos toman tanto tiempo en ser adquiridos? Sin embargo, lo que es difícil de aprender es aún más difícil de olvidar.

2 oct. 2006

Road Trip

Hey all my lovely friends - I came back this afternoon to my place, I checked my email and I saw that many of you were wondering what I've been up to. So I think it's better to write a little about my latest adventures before I go to sleep.
Well, everything started a week ago. Last Monday, I finished my work and I was glad thinking that
I'd have a whole week to chill out before I start University and also a chance to hang out with Gabe one last time because he was planning to leave my place once I started school to going to France or Sweden or Burkina Faso or something like that ( I know, it's funny we live in the same place and I have no idea what exactly is his plan).
However, on Tuesday Miguel Angel, a friend of mine, the one in the picture, came to see us, with just
one thing in his head; Road Trip.He'd been working so hard and he told us he needed good vacations, so he invited Gabe to go with him. Gabe of course say yes, and I don't know how but I ended up going with them. So we started to check on Internet for plane tickets and on Wednesday we flew to Barcelona, then we rent a car and we were on the way. After a few kilometers a question came to my mind; So guys where are we going?
So after three long minutes of meditation we decided to go to the north of Spain; Bilbao, San S
ebastian and maybe Portugal. But We couldn't find any sing on the road with such places, but we found one to Andorra, and we decided to go there. And once again we lost it, but we found France, so we finally decided to go there.
The First city we went was Perpignan, a friend of us, Sara, lives there but we didn't know it. We
were trying to get in contact with her because we knew she lives around there but we didn't know she actually lives in that city. We couldn't get in contact with her with the moment so we stayed for a while and then left. We tried to put in contact with Dan, another friend in France, but he never answers the phone.
So we spend the next two days in Cannes, Ni
ce, Monaco and some random cities in the north of Italy, having a great time.
Friday night we were in Nice and Dan finally called us.We made a rendezvous and on Sat
urday morning we were in a café with him in downtown in the city of Digne.
That afternoon we went to a see some friends of him, doing awesome stuff with their bikes. Gabe and Miguel Angel were almost in heaven watching all this. They even asked for autographs to some of then. In the night we ate one pizza with raquellete and after we went party.
On Sund
ay morning, Sara called too, so since we were about to leave, we started to do the way back and we stopped in Perpignan again to see her. We just stayed with her an afternoon, because we had to give the car back Monday morning. We had a great time anyways, we went to some cafés and we stayed until 3 am just catching up.
And today morning back to Spain. Gabe decided to come bac
k too for a while.
So that's why I haven't written for a while. Tomorrow I start University so I better go sleep. I have a stupid schedule, I have just three days of class but I have to be there a
lot of time every day, plus traveling, tomorrow I have to leave home at 8pm and I'm not gonna be back until 9pm. First day of class, that's going to be fun. Well, good night.

© Pablo Camus
Maira Gall